Traveler must be known when travel the Dominican Republic

Traveler must be known when travel the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic

The island country Dominican Republic is given guarantees sun and fun, and these helpful travel tips can facilitate your build the foremost out of your vacation within the Caribbean paradise.

The Dominican Republic could be a vastly fashionable tropical destination for guests seeking sun, sand and an inexpensive vacation within the Caribbean. This geographically numerous country showcases spectacular mountain ranges, fertile valleys and semi-desert plains, however, the most attractive is its lovely 1288 km of outline arrange with golden sands and heat waters. Before traveling to the Dominican Republic, here are the eleven belongings you must apprehend.

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You’ll be able to solely get the Dominican peso within the country

The currency of the Dominican Republic that the Dominican pesothat you can’t import or export. The foremost convenient currency to require with you is U.S.A. dollarsthat you’ll be able to a modification to pesos once you arrive. Keep in mind to bring a receipt once changing USD into peso on arrival, as you will need to convert to pesos into U.S.A. dollars after you leave (please note that you simply will solely reconvert up to thirtieth of the quantity born-again once upon arrival). If you aren’t on a tour you can notice that resorts and different institutions will quote you in USD and a few may even settle for the currency.

The culture is incredibly hospitable

Dominicans are friendly and hospitable, invariably prepared for vigorous oral communication or an honest party. Friendships and familial relationships are vital to them, and it’s fairly common for families and friends to show the affectionate public. Dominicans additionally wish to gather and celebrate life with smart food, smart music, and nice rum, thus let your hair down and be a part of the fun.

The idea of your time may be a very little completely different

Timekeeping is somewhat relaxed within the Dominican Republic and it’s comparatively common to arrive fifteen or half-hour later than planned. However, several institutions that cater to tourists perceive the importance of staying on schedule. Also, if you’re flying into the Dominican Republic on business, it’s counseled that you just head to the meeting on time.

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You will not want a traveler Card in the Dominican Republic

If you’re a subject of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Peru, Asian country, and Uruguay – lucky you, you don’t want a visa or pay touristy entry tax (previously referred to as a traveler card) to go to the Dominican Republic.

From Gregorian calendar month 2018, if you’re from the USA, UK or any EU member countries, you don’t want a visa, however, you’ll have to pay tourist entry tax. The tourist entry tax features a North American country $10 fee that is enclosed in your transportation. If you purchased your flight before Gregorian calendar month 2018, you’ll pay the fee on arrival.

The Dominican Republic welcomes voters from a banging ninety-five countries to go to while not a visa (although the North American country $ ten fee remains required).


You may see the complete list of countries, as well as the exemptions,  kindly visit the Dominican Republic visa and passport requirements page.

Dominicans dress to impress

Dominicans are often fashion-conscious, and plenty of seeing looks like a sign of success. Business folks dress neatly, with men usually in suits and women in pantsuits or skirts. Even on Sundays, you don’t see Dominicans getting into a church in shorts or a tee shirt. Bear this in mind and pack one thing formal with you for the evenings.

Tap Water isn’t drinkable in The Dominican Republic

It is usually safe to gargle with water once brushing your teeth, however, do avoid drinking from the faucet. Drinking water is wide obtainable, and plenty of tourists even use it to brush their teeth – it’s counseled if you have got a sensitive abdomen.

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Most hotels give a pair of free bottles of water every day for every space, and you’ll be able to additionally simply obtain them from corner stores (or colmados, as they’re illustrious locally). For future info, try the land aid guide.

Merengue is that the soul of the country

The Dominicans are deeply hooked into music and topping as at the center of the country. This upbeat music is native to the land. Its rhythm is infectious, usually, conveyance folks along onto the floor in minutes. Bachata is another genre that originated within the land. This type of music blends, African, European and native Taino parts.

Please check out this video to watch more about Merengue

Amber makes an excellent memento

The land is illustrious for it’s amber and larimar (blue colored semi-precious stones). The northern lineation of the country is understood for manufacturing fine ambers that are usually clear and contain a fossil of insects, leaves or flowers. you’ll be able to tour the mines within the hills of Los Angeles Cumbre (about 43 km (27 miles) from Puerto Plata) and get raw ambers, then have them polished and set in jewelry later. Blue Amber, called larimar is alleged to be found solely within the land and additionally makes an excellent memento. For different searching and memento concepts, see the searching within the land guide.

Mamajuana is worthy a strive to the Dominican Republic

Originally a seasoning drink ready by the native Taino Indians, it’s same that Cristobal Colon mixed the seasoning beverages with alcohol and created mamajuana once he arrived on the island in 1492. Today, this potent drink is created from herbs and cured tree barks soaked in rum, vino, and honey. a typical mixture is fiftieth rum, fortieth vino, and tenth honey. it’s rumored to possess an extended list of health edges as well as sexual efficiency. If you wish to undertake different native specialties, try the land food and drink guide.


Home to several hidden gems

Most guests paydays lolling on the beach within the land, however, if you’ll be able to tear yourself aloof from the soft sands and heat waters, the country has many glorious choices on supply. At the highest of the list is anatomical structure Colonial in the capital of the Dominican Republic, a World Heritage web site created from sixteen sq. blocks. This space will assertion to having America’s 1st cathedral, hospital, palace, university and even sealed street. you’ll be able to be a part of a walking tour and try all the principal monuments. instead, you’ll be able to go mountain biking within the country’s mountainous interior.

One is that the best time to visit?

The land sometimes encompasses a hot climate all year, locomote between 25’’ C (77’’ F) to 28’’ C (82’’ F). because of its tropical woodland climate, it’s common for Yankee and European tourists to go to the resort city of Punta Cana from December to March. The wet season depends on the world of the country. on the northern coast, the downfall is common from Gregorian calendar month to January. However, in the capital of the Dominican Republic, the wet season lasts from might to Gregorian calendar month with might being the wettest month of all.


To find out additional regarding the Dominican Republic’s weather and climate. try the simplest time to go to the land.

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