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Travel to Miami USA

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Travel to Miami talking about Miami trip is almost unnecessary if it is primarily aimed at all travelers. Everyone knows her and everyone loves her. 

I don’t want to say about midsummer city. The weather is quiet and the standard is too hot. Because moisture is clouding your thoughts, you only think of evacuating too many consumer temples, thereby losing the opportunity to see it as a style city. Or some of them have to choose a better time.

For example, take a look at the beautiful Art Deco building in South Beach. A building that combines the elegance of this style of geometric lines with the relaxing beach air of the city. Everything joins.

Lincoln Road Travel to Miami

You can also walk along Lincoln Road. In this way, you can find a shop that is less conspicuous than Griffin and make a wonderful discovery.

I talk about a small and attractive bar on the boulevard that “invites” to a cold drink or enjoys a light and delicious lunch. The beautiful Nespresso store is a perfect proposal for this concept.

You can also watch a movie, visit an art gallery, or visit the Miami Beach Community Church, the first church in Miami Beach.

If you are interested in kitchenware, Williams Sonoma is lovely and full of everything you see …

Washington and Collins Avenue

But don’t forget to walk along Washington and Collins Avenue. There is a full-scale display of 1930s hotels, and you can stroll through the New Symphony Park in a structure resembling a huge flower box! The building that dominates this space, the New World Center, is a work of bold architect Frank Gehry and has a concert hall designed on a public facade in the square. Super program combining many …


Inspired by all this, would you surprise someone with a postcard sent from the post office?

From the famous and popular boulevard, Ocean Drive, I prefer to walk along the beach that separates it from the beach.

From there, you can enjoy the waterfront buildings and restaurants in the shade and the green lawn, without any inconvenient approach or crowd, while keeping a safe distance. Music becomes softer and the closest sea breeze.

Travel to Miami Beach USA

The ocean that extends throughout Miami Beach is definitely beautiful. However, if you enjoy the beach, the northern region is less crowded. The clear blue sea is warm and you can even relax. The colorful aesthetics of lifeboats studded with sand lead to a calmer and less accelerated past. The Seagulls decorate the sky. It again, everything goes well.

Shopping Malls in Miami

I am not going to talk about big shopping malls and outlets. Everyone already knows them and knows where they are. But mention the Bal Harbor Shops north of Miami Beach. The shop is elegant and the atmosphere is very different from the refrigerated space in the city. This area has many vegetation, trout ponds, and water sources. As an oasis of luxury, there is a good restaurant in the harbor, where Carpaccio is highlighted. Carpaccio is very lively in addition to Italian cuisine.

But if the urge to consume between us is very attractive here, we are already on the way to an adventure mall where all the urges of shopping, for example, can be eased!

Travelers Recommendations

I always see recommendations for proper electrification in Miami. Of course, this represents comfort and flexibility when traveling. But that is not mandatory. You can also use public transport, but it is limited and not an exception. Is not it suitable for a vacation without a car?

Miami has Latino and we perceive it in such an intimate way. This happens in Spanish spoken everywhere, sometimes even in Portuguese, in a tropical climate, in a casual and casual way we are aware of each other