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Comfort Inn UK: The UK (United Kingdom) is an incredible spot to visit. Truth be told, England, Scotland, Wales and the Offshore Islands all offer incredible get-away and occasion goals with something for everybody—singles, couples, and families.

Regardless of whether you intend to cross a sea, take a cross country train trip or essentially drive down the motorway for your next excursion occasion, here are some valid justifications to visit England and whatever is left of the UK.

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**3 reasons to visit: Hyde Park, Tower Of London, London Eye**

London is a city that is both old and current, where the past is in every case some portion of the present. In this way, It’s pulled in individuals with its enthralling intrigue for a large number of years – a spot where individuals come to make their fortune or hazard everything. For guests, every one of London’s 32 districts feels like its very own nation. From the astonishing abundance of Belgravia and Kensington to the urban markets of Camden Town. Each area has its own special character. Stroll along the River Thames to see the Houses of Parliament or get enveloped with the market-like climate at Covent Garden. #Don’t neglect to investigate London’s reality class exhibition halls, similar to the National Gallery and British Museum, or the perpetual assortment of shopping choices on Oxford and Regent Streets.

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Important notes of Comfort Inn UK

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The level of potential terrorist attacks is particularly high in the City of London. The British terrorist threat alert system consists of five levels: low, medium, real, high, and critical, and is currently classified as high (“very likely attack”).

Citizens in transit or within the country are advised to take special precautions in public places and be aware of guidelines and recommendations that may be disclosed by the British authorities. Doubtful or suspicious activity is reported at 999 or anti-terrorism line 0800 789321.

General information

The United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) covers most of the British Isles of approximately 243,000 km2. The population in 2008 is estimated to be about 63 million, England is the most densely populated with 407 people per km2, and Scotland is the least populated with 68 people per km2.

The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the UK (or the European Union) but have a special relationship with it. Except for external relationships and defenses, the island has administrative, legislative and financial autonomy.

Britain is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, where the chief executive governs the country on behalf of Queen, who acts as head of state.The parliament is a 5-year-old parliament, consisting of an elected lower house and a nominated hereditary house. In particular, the House of Representatives is in charge of policy formulation and review by the government. The elective parliament consists of 650 seats, of that (relatively) most are presently control by the Conservative Party.

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Political condition

The political party system placed the most voted party in the election in the government, and the second most voted party in the so-called “official” opposition of the opposition. The country is split into districts, every electing a representative of the parliament elective within the election.

Because the electoral system is based on a simple majority vote, the most voted candidates are elected, which explains the traditionally based, bipartisan structure. The combination of the county council and district council is responsible for the majority of local governments, but due to the mayor’s election, unified authorities have already emerged in major cities such as the Greater London Authority.

Since the founding of the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly of Wales and Northern Ireland in 1999, these regions have become responsible for autonomy, especially in legislative matters, albeit variously.

The official religion of the country is the British Church (Protestant) and the Queen is the head of the British Church.


A warm climate with a lot of rainfall. Between November and February, London’s temperature drops to near 0 ° C and often goes negative in the north.


The British official language is English.

Local currency/banking system

The British currency is The British pound is the British currency. In addition to currency exchanges that travelers can easily find at both the airport and the station and throughout the city, there is an ATM. For currency conversions, please visit commonly used payment methods (credit card, international money transfer, cash payment) are accepted. The United Kingdom has a very active and rich banking and financial market. Here some shops also accept euro payments. ATM networks function properly and efficiently.

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