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Can we travel to Comfort Inn France and go on an exotic trip? Before starting my crossing of France on foot, I had the intuition but I did not imagine how this trip to France would be the most beautiful of all my travels. Here are the 7 + 1 good reasons to visit France and some ideas of getaways for a weekend or more to discover its regions.

For almost 20 years, wherever I travel, people are amazed at my interest in their respective countries. How many times have I heard this sentence?

History of Frace

“But why do you come to us when you live in the most beautiful country in the world?” Why? Because the grass is always greener everywhere. To find out the world because I thought I knew France. And the more the journeys succeeded each other, the more the evidence was there: the journey begins at the bottom of the house.

After cycling around the world in 18 months, I spent 18 months crossing France on foot and cycling from the Ardennes to the Basque Country. From this trip, I came back with certainty: France is an ideal playground. Here are 7 good reasons to travel in France + 1 (perhaps the most important in these times):

1. Because visiting France means traveling to the most beautiful country in the world

For years, France has been the world’s leading tourist destination. We envy the Eiffel Tower, the Mont-Saint-Michel and the castles of the Loire. We come to ski in the Alps, laze on the beaches of the Côte-d’Azur, taste the art of living in the French. Right before our eyes, everything the world wants us is there. It would be a pity not to enjoy it, right?

2. To discover French regions as new destinations

Go on an exotic trip to France? Yes, it’s possible! We find everything in France. Reliefs worthy of the Mongolian steppes (welcome to the Cézallier), valleys drowned in thicker fog than in Scotland (welcome to the Creuse), forests as far as the eye can see at the false airs of Canada (welcome to the Morvan), d ancient volcanoes, some high peaks, islands, turquoise blue waters … Side choice, there is the only embarrassment!

3. To rediscover regional gastronomy

To discover the gastronomy of a country, for me, it is one of the most delightful aspects of the trip. As such, a stay in France is an absolute must. Local products, regional specialties, terroirs, and wine barrel, alcohol from behind the fagots … We rediscover ossau city in the Basque Country, Armagnac in the Gers, we are surprised to like the farçou and take back the cake of apple The market has never been so pleasant. For the balance, get some exercise!

4. For its inexhaustible network of hiking trails

More than 60,000 kilometers of hiking crisscross the countryside and the French massifs. Some such as the GR20 (the great crossing of Corsica), the GR10 (the great crossing of the Pyrenees) or the GR65 (the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela from Puy-en-Velay) have gained international renown. Others, more confidential, allow for discovering the regions of France on foot following marked and maintained routes. For the day or for several weeks, hiking is one of the best ways to travel to France in immersion and closer to the territories.

5. To make friends you can see again

Maintain a friendship thousands of miles away? I have never succeeded, personally. Distance is the drama of all friendships at the end of the world. In France on the contrary, your new friends are within reach of a train or car. The time of a weekend and a country getaway, you are gathered again to resume the thread of your discussions. Thanks to my trip to France, my circle of friends has grown and I hope to be able to cultivate these new friendships for a long time.

6. Because you speak the language

Speaking a foreign language can be part of the charm of the trip. There is something fun to be understood by gestures or drawings when one does not have another language. But when it comes to expressing specific ideas, having a real conversation with nuances, or – worse – to make humor, language quickly becomes a barrier. Spending holidays in France allows you to stay in the same language community without restricting your point of view. View of Occitania, Brittany, the Alps or Provence, France offers different visions. With the added flavor of accents and different expressions specific to each region.

7. To spend nature holidays

10% of the French territory is covered by national parks, another 15% by regional nature parks! On the map of France, difficult not to be close to one of these protected areas and conducive to escape and discovery of nature. From the Mercantour reliefs to the Cotentin marshes, there are more than 60-holiday ideas for sunbathing, cycling or walking and enjoying the most beautiful landscapes of the hexagon while practicing responsible tourism.

8. Not to flyThese days, it is perhaps one of the best reasons to discover France: no need to fly to France. And since the ecological impact of a trip begins with the means of transportation used to get to your destination, the less you travel far, the lower your carbon footprint. In other words, traveling in France instead of leaving the end of the world is good for the planet.

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***3 reasons to visit: Eiffel Tower, Musee D’Orsay, Notre Dame ***

Comfort Inn France: Paris is a magnet for lovers. It’s a sleepless and concrete capital oxyacetylene by champagne and dreams – and an unbeatable geographic point for the world’s art and culture consultants. No trip is complete without diving headfirst into the city’s 20 “arrondissements” or neighborhoods. *The Louvre’s impressive collection beats out almost all competition, while Musée d’Orsay is a dream come true for fans of impressionism. Elaborate fountains and pockets of counterculture exist at every turn, making any trip an explosion of your senses. Run around the luxurious Champs-Élysées, then enjoy the city’s bohemian roots in Le Marais. Devour a baguette in Place des Vosges (Paris’ oldest square) or get all lovey-dovey with a moonlit walk along the Seine.#

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