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General guidelines before traveling to Brazil

Find out in advance about the climate, eating and cultural habits of your destination for a safe and healthy stay. You can book Comfort Inn Brazil, any of them.

For information on the weather in Brazil, visit the website of the National Institute of Meteorology.

Make sure the location you are traveling to is at risk for disease and/or need for vaccines or other specific preventive measures.

Before traveling, consult your doctor for an evaluation, especially if you have a pre-existing illness.

Avoid traveling in the presence of any acute infectious disease or if you have a fever.

When you need to use drugs prescription, You take the prescription and purchase enough drugs during the travel period. As it is not always possible to purchase them in another country without a local prescription or enter another country with medicines in your luggage without their medical prescriptions.

Collect the medicines you will need in the original packaging.

As a foreigner, consider getting out international private health insurance.

Documents required for foreigners to enter Brazil

To enter the country you need a valid passport and a properly completed entry and exit card. This card must be presented at the entrance in Brazil and kept until the moment of its departure when it will be collected by the Federal Police. It is provided by the airlines or available at checkpoints.
Foreigners residing in Brazil, either temporarily or permanently, in addition to their passport, must present the foreigner’s identity card or the protocol of the regularization request issued by the Federal Police.

Foreigners from Mercosur countries, in addition to their passport, are accepted identity documents. In case of entry into Brazil for tourism, business, sports and artistic activities, registration with the Federal Police or the issuance of a foreign identity card will not be required.
Foreigners traveling to Brazil for tourism usually need to obtain a visa before entering the country. This requirement is based on the principle of reciprocity of treatment and applies to nationals of countries that require visas from Brazilians to enter their territories. Countries that do not require a Brazilian tourist visa usually do not require a visa to enter Brazil.
Check out the Visa Entry Regime for Foreigners in Brazil.

Carry with you your identification documents, with personal contact information, blood type, if you have a disease such as allergies, diabetes or others that require particular attention.

Observe the rules required by airlines for the transportation of objects and liquids.

If you feel a change in your health while traveling, report it to the crew.

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**3 reasons to visit: Sugar Loaf Mountain, Ipanema Beach, Christ The Redeemer***

Comfort Inn Brazil: For many people, Rio means slipping on a pair of Havaianas and heading to Copacabana Beach. *Yet the city has so much more to offer: verdant landscapes, mesmerizing mountains, and neighborhoods that move to the beat of Brazilian music. *The landscapes are starkly contrasting, just like the inhabitants. #Wealthy areas are bordered by favelas (shantytowns), which are often known for criminal activity but have improved in recent years. *Tourist sites are springing up all the time, breathing new life into these areas. Even in winter, it’s warm enough to visit the coast. Feel the morning breeze in Ipanema, shop with the Cariocas (locals) at Saara Market, or in the even more charming Rio Antigo. Head to Tijuca Forest for an afternoon of solitude. At night, get in touch with the samba-infused spirit of Brazilian music in Lapa.# Now we are described about Comfort Inn Brazil.

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